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Home Learning for Year 2

Resources for Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Star Count



Larger and smaller

Largest and Smallest Balloon Maths


Which is the Largest Number



Book Review

Design a book cover

Writing a blurb

Giraffes Can’t Dance Blurb

Lantern Instructions


Labelling an African Animal

Adult Guidance African Animal Sunset Art

Elephant Silhouette

Giraffe Silhouette

Tree Silhouette


Forces picture.docx


Resources for Week Beginning 1st February 2021

one more and one less maths game

1 more 1 less robots activity

one more one more less dice activity

sequence snakes activity


Giraffes Can’t Dance Blurb

Story Plan Example

Story Plan template


Forces Investigation.docx

Investigation Results.docx


Venn diagram sorting animals

I am amazing



Resources for Week Beginning 25th January 2021



Match up the Numbers

Writing numbers 1                 Writing numbers 2                     Writing numbers 3

Additional number-formation-tracing-strips

Missing Numbers 100 Square

Ordering Numbers

Place Value Ordering 2 digit numbers


Additional Number-Words-One-to-Twenty-Writing-Practice-Work-Sheets

Description using adjective and verbs

Giraffes Can’t Dance Adjective Picture

Giraffes Can’t Dance Craft Instructions

Giraffes Can’t Dance Verb Picture.docx

Who am I ?






10x table activity sheet


Lesson Presentation Hot and Cold Climates of the World

Mapping the World Climates

Climate Definitions

How to draw a giraffe


Handwriting Guidance

Letter Formation Sheet

Handwriting Practice


How to join Google classrooms and meetings